We accelerate the development and delivery of the next generation of buildings, ones that are healthier to live and work in, net zero carbon, and fit for future purpose

What We DoMake Zero Carbon Buildings A Reality

Advisory Services

Zero carbon, healthy buildings

Systems Integration

Low carbon M&E and fabric

Product Realisation

R&D, technical due diligence

Advisory Services

Buildings are more productive and prosperous when they contribute positively to people, place, the natural world and when they improve the health and wellbeing of their occupants. They are also viewed more favourably by planners and communities alike.

We help our clients move beyond compliance and develop commercially sound strategies for realising low impact, healthy, zero carbon buildings.

Systems Integration

Developments thrive socially, environmentally and commercially through the design, implementation and supply of zero carbon mechanical and electrical and building systems integration. Engaging adequate stakeholder involvement, provision of low-carbon commissioning and testing and post occupancy evaluation can help to manage risk and reduce cost.

We provide low carbon building services and systems integration.

Road-Testing and De-Risking Innovation

Mainstreaming innovation and deployment of ground-breaking technologies requires de-risking through performance testing. We test products on our own R&D projects to understand how clean technologies and sustainable build systems work both in situ and in combination.

We provide research and development, technical due diligence and access to road-tested products and solutions.

Our Values And Approach

A leadership culture which supports collaboration, trust, learning and the freedom to try things out

We enable and empower organisations and individuals to deliver personal and business growth

We passionately take on the challenge to prepare you for future markets and to realise your project and business objectives

A commitment to outstanding outcomes with positive economic, social and environmental impact

We are driven to solve global challenges

Our Business

  1. We understand buildings of the future and how they need to function. That’s because we are developing them right now - meeting time, cost and quality objectives.
  2. We help plan, design and construct buildings and communities that deliver net zero carbon and improve the health and wellbeing of the people that are passing through them.
  3. With a clear understanding of the emerging technology landscape, we provide low carbon mechanical and electrical design and build systems integration.
  4. We are clean technology product hunters and provide technical due diligence on both the emerging and market ready innovations.
  5. We evaluate future opportunities,their risk and impact, and help our clients on their journey to beyond minimum building compliance.
We make the effort to understand what matters to others

Our Purpose

To accelerate zero carbon

To bring proven, creative innovation to the mainstream construction and cleantech sectors

To develop building solutions that anticipate and embrace the future

To solve global challenges through the built environment

We see challenges as opportunities

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Key Players In Our Ecosystem

Anthony Morgan

Anthony Morgan

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Bill Hampton

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Bryan Spooner

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Greg Chant Hall

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Joanne Woollett

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Karl Walker

A calyx is the sepals of a flower, typically forming a whorl that encloses the petals and forms a protective layer around a flower in bud

Why Choose Calyx?

Insight and experience with world leading projects and technologies

Proven track record in delivering exemplar projects

Unparalleled clean technology knowledge and application

Access to the innovation community

Collaborate and help us build the future

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